Our Story
Once upon a time there where 2 Beautiful & Creative Sisters.
Bella and her belated sister Georgina.
Between them, their Creative Journey became reality.

 Back in 1985 Bella started a Stitch & Bitch Club for those who loved
and enjoyed Sewing, Stitching, Knitting & Crochet.
Shortly after the club introduced Cooking & Floristry classes.

As the sisters continued their Crafty Journey together in 1992, 
they relaizsed that there was one thing left to add to their Club.
Yes....Papercraft was introduced to all of our members.

 In 1995, Bella's Life was shattered as her Beloved Sister Georgina passed away.
For 1 year, Bella moved away from Creating, Inspiring & Teaching.
Her Family & Friends helped with the running of  the club, 
allowing Bella to mourn for her greatest loss in Life.
Early Febuary, 1997 Bella returned back to the craft world.
Today.... Bella is proud to unite Creative People together, to share their
knowledge and craft journeys along the way.
Bella has watched friendships develop throughout these years from 
 Workshops & Retreats, watching as the Craft Sisterhood grew within
the Community and across the World.

The Club has welcomed Local & International Teachers on board
 to Inspire our Members through their own Knowledge, Techniques and Methods.
The club is proud and honoured to be stocking the most amazing products
 the Craft Industry has to offer us today.
Most of all our club continues with it's Motto.
We Inspire you to Create...!!!