Bella Brewster

My name is Bella Brewster and I started this club back in 1985 as a little group called
The Stitch & Bitch Club, where a group of close friends joined together to enjoy testing our sewing skills.
My little club grew each week adding new members and meeting new groups,
so then we decided to change the name to The Vintage Chicks Club.
Since the change of the name I ventured into making cards in 1989 when 3D was popular, 
but still utilizing my sewing abilities to stitch around the boarder of each card,
adding a touch of Fabric, Lace, Flowers & Embellishments.
From then  Scrapbooking  was introduced to me, where just only months later
I expanded my knowledge and started on a new path leading me to enjoy and creating Off The Page.
Just 3 years ago I was introduced into another Craft world of Mixed Media, 
which once again pushed me forward, and today my passion has lead to Vintage Inspired PaperCrafting.
 Today I run multiple Workshops & Retreats, with my Design Team
introducing new products and new directions.
The best part of my journey in this Craft world, is that you never know what is around the corner,
and that excites me even more!!
Dr Jenny Webster
I have been Paper Crafting since 2005, when I was introduced to Cardmaking.
Previously that I have been raising my family, I enjoyed needlwork and Knitting.
In the world of Papercraft, I am taking an infinite journey working with Inks, Paints, Papers,
Cards, Canvas and Embellishments that had previously been liked behind the barrier
because I felt I could not draw. But stamps changed all that, take away drawing boogie man
and my life became a rainbow of colour. I soon learn that "There we no mistakes, only 
opportunities for more creativity"! Now I still make cards and ATCs, but have found a 
passion for Off the Page, Mixed Media.  Teaching mentoring by my Papercraft 
colleagues and many of Australia's well know Visual Art Crafters at Expos, Retreats,
Local, Interstate and off shore classes.
I am excited to work with The Vintage Chicks Club, Designing Off the Page Projects
showcasing our wonderful range of products.
So Pretty!
So much Fun!

Hello everyone my name is Candy and I am so excited to join this beautiful group as a 
Designer Team Member. I live in a little town called Emu Park in Central Queensland Australia.
I am married to a very understanding man (Laurie) who puts up with my mess and bedlam.
My two children have flown the nest and I now have a beautiful granddaughter to keep me sane.
I have always been a crafter whether it was sewing, embroidery, knitting or crochet.
Anything I could lay my hands on. I have been cardmaking for over 30 years and started
scrapbooking when my children got older and went off to school.
It has been in the last 5 years that I found mixed media and loving it.
Looking forward to sharing my Designs and Creations with you all xxx

Kerry Grose
I'm Kerry Grose and I am thrilled to be part of The Vintage Chicks Club Team.
Craft has always been a part of my life. I was taught to Knit, Crochet and Fancywork
before I started school. In the ensuring years, I have tried a myriad of Crafts,
Dressmaking, Macrame and various schools of Embroidery, Ceramics, Cardmaking 
and scrapbooking, Quilting just to name a few. I have always returned to the threads and fabrics.
I started quilting in 1992 after attending a Baltimore class at the local TAFE.
Since then I have explored many styles of quilting and love using embroidery skills in 
conjunctions with my quilting skills. I love to peruse books, magazines and the internet for ideas
and new techniques. Never a day goes by that i have not stitched by hand or machine or 
flipped through a book or magazine or surfed the net, always something new to learn.
I am looking forward to sharing my textile journey with you all.

Annastasia Grande
Hi, I'm Annastasia Grande from Grande Moments.
Like most people I have always loved working with flowers, but after starting my Wedding
and Events business I realized I needed to learn the "How to's' of Flowers, if I was going to
work with them professionally, so I studied Floristry with "The Flower School" and for the last
4 years I have been working with some amazing Brides and Companies to produce
their Bespoke bouquets and flora arrangements.
Flowers don't have to be so formal these days, they can be as relaxed or as
structured as you want them to be. I really have gained even more of an
appreciation for flowers, so much more than I thought I would. 
I love sharing (with anyone who will listen)
to information on how to treat the flowers and how to look after them once in an
arrangement and even what types of flowers and colours to match with each other.
Funnily enough I am always on the lookout where ever I go for what type of
foliage my neighbors might have for that one day I might need something a little 
different and you can just use anything as a vessel for your flowers if you know how!!
Looking forward to meeting with you all as I will be hosting Floral workshops within 
The Vintage Chicks Club. 
Sofia Rossides
Scrapmatts Owner & Artist
Ness Henry
Craft Designer
Kerrie Gurney
Designer & Papercrafter
Sue Smyth
Artist & Designer